Administrators create shares, upload files and assign permissions on a web browser.


Krypdox is an enterprise wide, ultra-secure mobile file distribution solution. Unlike typical peer-to-peer file sharing solutions, Krypdox’s enterprise-to-user paradigm gives organizations full control of what files are shared, who they are shared with, and the level of security for each file and user. Krypdox is designed for companies that routinely distribute confidential information to mobile users, such as financial reports, price lists, lab notebooks, healthcare data and pre-release film and music media.

Mobile users browse files they are authorized to view and access.


Mobile users can annotate PDF documents.


Krypdox protects against four key vectors of security threat:

Device Theft:  Millions of smartphones and tablets are lost or stolen each year. A savvy thief can hack their way past standard security in just minutes. Krypdox uses multiple layers of security to ensure that files cannot be accessed, even by the most sophisticated hacker. Enterprises can completely revoke access on a per-user or per-device basis.

User Theft and Circumvention:  Most security breaches come from authorized users sharing information with others. This happens intentionally or through social hacking schemes. Krypdox does not allow users to share, export or print documents.

Network Hack: All data between the user’s device and the Krypdox servers are transmitted over an encrypted channel with mutual authentication. This ensures that only the intended recipient can access the information. Inside this encrypted channel, each message packet is uniquely encrypted, providing another layer of protection.

Server Hack:  Krypdox is built on a distributed architecture that keeps all unencrypted data behind the corporate firewall. Encrypted documents are stored in the cloud and can only be decrypted on authorized devices.

Krypdox is delivered as a turnkey server and application solution that can run from a commercial cloud such as Amazon AWS. The platform is OS and device agnostic. The Krypdox for iPad app is available now. Android, Windows and OS X clients are planned for future release.

For more information, download our Krypdox datasheet.


Audit logs record all transactions.