App Trouble? We can help.

If your app is slow, hard to use, prone to crashing, or just not doing the job it’s supposed to, we can help you identify the underlying problems to help you get your apps back on track.


Data Sheets


App Review

A fresh perspective can make all the difference. Our expert iOS and Android engineers dive deep into the code base of your app and figure out what’s working–and what isn’t. We look at over 15 specific factors that could affect your app’s performance, and supply underlying metrics to provide an accurate, objective review of your app.

For more information, see our App review datasheet.

UX/Design Assessment

Poor user experience can ruin an app, even when the underlying code performs flawlessly. Asynchrony’s dedicated team of certified user-centered design professionals provides a complete UX assessment of your app. In addition to static analysis, we perform usability testing that moves qualitative usability measurements to quantitative analysis. In other words, we move usability from art to engineering.

Market Assessment for Mobile

We provide a full gap analysis of an app’s capabilities, including an exploration of your app in the context of the rest of the market. By having our experts look into the features, code, and design qualities of your app, we can provide you with a detailed understanding of your app as it measures up with its competitors and its possibilities.

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