Business Innovation

While Asynchrony’s Agile Development Practice focuses on building high quality software, our Business Innovation Practice is chartered to help organizations identify the right things to build.

We facilitate ideation sessions where new ideas emerge, and are aligned and prioritized for maximum business impact. We proactively identify technical challenges and dependencies so that strategic business outcomes can be delivered through incremental steps. This increases speed to market, reduces risk, and allows user feedback and metrics to iteratively guide improvement of the emerging software.

The Asynchrony Labs Business Innovation Practice supports the following key activities that help create & sustain focus, increase return on investment, reduce technical and business risk, and create safe and effective collaborative environments for innovation:

Business Vision & Outcome Ideation:

We facilitate collaborative process that help stakeholders discover, refine and establish consensus on business vision and high-level business outcomes. We then help quantify the vision by identifying key performance indicators that will assess alignment and progress towards implementation. We also work with participants to identify organizational pain-points and trade-offs that can be used to inform decisions about where to focus first.

Product Management Consulting:

We help organizations implement practices to define, prioritize and deliver small measurable business outcomes, with measurement systems to

  • capture execution data;
  • forecast completion dates;
  • track investment;
  • guide alignment;
  • support parallel implementation of actions supportive of the vision;
  • prioritize collaboratively; and
  • leverage feedback to refine and improve business outcomes.

This approach supports continuous progress towards the long-term vision while maximizing return on investment.

Technical Alignment & Guidance:

We assess technical environments to determine if they are aligned properly to support achieving the vision. This may include:

  • recommendation for technical improvements, common platforms, automation and/or best practices to better align technical environments to support the vision and its business outcomes;
  • support of IT strategy definition, roadmap creation, business impact analysis, technical execution, and governance activities to support application development, rationalization and Enterprise system upgrades; and
  • guidance for full lifecycle application portfolio management including criteria and processes for decommissioning applications and their data.

Change Leadership:

We help identify organizational impediments and barriers to creating a culture of learning and innovation. Established and emerging practices are introduced to enable improved leadership to support self-managing teams and increased staff engagement. Following the initial modeling of recommended practices, we coach stakeholders to sustain and evolve leadership practices after our engagement has concluded.