Agile Coaches

Our Agile Coaches do it all (and then some)

When they’re coaching, our Agile Coaches work directly with your teams to observe and assess, recommend improvements and refinements, and help them consistently deliver a quality product. Mentoring services draw from our vast experience in Agile development to help team members learn specific practices by working collaboratively.

Timothy Balraj

Timothy Balraj is an Agile Coach at WWT Asynchrony Labs. Prior to Asynchrony, he helped lead the Agile transformation for the Enterprise Software Division of Dell. He has over 20 years experience developing software and leading software development groups.

Ryan Stephenson

Ryan Stephenson is an Agile Coach at WWT Asynchrony Labs, helping software teams and customers improve and respond to change. He has over 15 years experience planning, developing, and delivering innovative web and mobile solutions solving the needs of startups, small businesses, and enterprises.

Wayde Stallmann

Wayde Stallmann

Wayde was a Java developer from 1997 until 2012 (Sun Certified Java Programmer for 1.1, 1.2 and Java 6). As a software developer he began practicing Extreme Programming in 2001 after the 3 skinny books on XP came out. In 2012, he became a ScrumMaster, and his team became one of only two teams to become Gold certified by the AT&T Agile Center of Excellence. He then became an Agile Coach and Agile Transformation Lead. In 2013, Wayde started a company called Team First Development which borrows ideas from the world of Improv Theater to help develop Great Team Players, which in turn helps ensure a software team’s success. He has presented on this topic at conferences and workshops in Portugal, Phoenix, Boston and St. Louis. His hobbies are: cycling, chess and improv.

John York

John Yorke

John is an Agile Coach with WWT Asynchrony Labs, he has almost 20 years experience in software delivery. Working on a variety of products from mobile telecoms to air traffic control. He has helped both private organizations and government departments through Agile transformations: coaching on building Agile teams and on Agile product delivery techniques. John is active in the online Agile community and maintains a blog on Agile related topics.


Brian Coalson

Brian Coalson is an Agile Coach at WWT Asynchrony Labs with over 10 years of experience in software delivery as a developer, manager, and coach. He has helped organizations from Fortune 500 companies to government organizations to become fit for their purpose. What drives him is an intense belief that individuals be empowered to improve their homes, communities and workplaces each and every day.

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