Every new mobile application is a journey into uncharted territory. The best path emerges step-by-step through continuous improvement fueled by ongoing user feedback. Innovation isn’t just imagined, it’s discovered. That’s why most successful consumer apps are updated with new features as frequently as every couple of months. It’s not because the developers didn’t have time to add the functionally in the initial version, but that they couldn’t have foreseen the new features at project start.

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Software Development

Today’s technology and business environments change so fast that solutions created by software projects can be obsolete by the time they’re delivered. Traditional approaches to enterprise IT aren’t designed to respond to the unprecedented speed and uncertainty. That’s why we build software through ongoing iteration in close collaboration with our customers.

Asynchrony’s software development capabilities are driven through ongoing customer involvement that spans the entire project lifecycle.

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Architecture + Integration

Although Enterprise Architecture has been a “best practice” for over a decade, most enterprises still run on an undocumented spider web of point-to-point, tightly coupled connections. Although the short-term cost of each integration may have been less expensive than a more forward-thinking solution, the technical debt accrued is now staggering. Mobility initiatives have brought to light the pressing need to make IT decisions from the perspective of a holistic Enterprise Architecture.

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Agile Transformation + Training

Asynchrony offers a comprehensive agile transformation program that provides technical training, coaching and mentoring, and supports the integration of the new methodology into the entire Enterprise. Our program is based on over a decade of successful agile software delivery supporting Enterprise (portfolio) level and program (multi-team) level transformations in commercial, non-profit and government organizations.

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UX + Design

Asynchrony has a tremendous legacy for our engineering rigor and technological integrity. We also craft software that demonstrates a compelling end-user experience. As such, our customers can expect both highly functional and beautiful software.

To meet this demand, Asynchrony has a dedicated team of designers and front-end engineers to ensure all delivered applications exceed customer expectations.

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Tactical Collaboration

Whether working in the wake of a disaster or on a carrier in the middle of the ocean, teams in the field seldom have access to enterprise systems and dependable networks. Nevertheless, on-demand communication and access to pertinent information is essential to both warfighters and civilian response teams, even when at the network edge or off-grid. Effective tools for communication, collaboration, situational awareness and management are essential to their mission.

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