Steve Elfanbaum is a co-founder and Vice President of Asynchrony Solutions. He is also a published technology author, instructor and speaker. Prior to Schafer’s acquisition of Asynchrony in August of 2010, Steve was President of Asynchrony, serving as lead technical consultant and program manager on multiple projects for the US Department of Defense and Fortune 1000 companies, as well leading the company’s mission to provide the most innovative technology solutions for their clients. His sound management and technical skills have directly impacted the company’s growth, stability, and customer satisfaction ratings. Prior to helping found Asynchrony, Steve had 11 years of systems design, development and implementation experience with Fortune 100 companies.
He has been responsible for assessing and managing the systems architecture for both GE Capital Mortgage and Deutsche Financial Services. As President of Asynchrony Solutions, Steve has consulted with the US Army CIO/G6, US Navy Joint Explosive Ordnance Disposal program, Kaiser Permanente, American Financial Group and other leading public and private sector organizations in e-Architecture and complex systems integration projects. He has designed and managed the development and implementation of significant applications related to Internet-enabling an organization, reengineering and automating workflows, enabling mobility and managing information throughout the supply chain


He has worked on significant global integration projects and has experience in a broad range of financial services companies, including finance companies, insurance, mortgage banking, etc. He has extensive expertise in web development, imaging and workflow, process automation and intranet/extranet applications. In 2003, Nate became interested in Agile as a way of harnessing the amazing R&D work that Asynchrony was doing into a mature process that can create ready-to-ship applications for our customers. Since then, Asynchrony has become a leading practitioner of Agile techniques and ideas and has spread the disciplines of quality code and rapid implementation throughout its
commercial and government customer base. Nate coaches teams in Agile techniques and has taught classes in Agile and Test-Driven Development to various Asynchrony clients.
Nate is a contributor to Asynchrony’s blog covering his perspective and advice on Agile team improvement techniques; many of these posts and other articles he has authored have been published in technical and project management journals. He is also a regular host on “This Agile Life,” a podcast about real-world issues encountered by Agile developers and teams. He has been invited to speak at technical conferences on Agile and Lean development techniques.


Bob Elfanbaum is a co-founder and General Manager of Asynchrony Labs. He is a CPA with over twenty-five years of broad-based experience in management, sales, accounting, financial analysis, technology and operations. As Asynchrony’s General Manager, he oversees all business, financial and sales activities. Bob spent eight years at Price Waterhouse managing relationships for middle-market companies, including taking two clients through the IPO process. He also served as Chief Financial Officer of Virbac Corporation (NASDAQ: VBAC), a public animal health company, where he managed the financial operations of the company, including  completing
three acquisitions, synergistically merging operating units and implementing a recapitalization of the company to facilitate future growth, resulting in a 300%+ increase in stock price. Bob, along with Asynchrony’s other co-founders, has managed the consistent growth of the company since its inception in 1999. He is responsible for not only growing and sustaining the company’s current initiatives to provide Global 2000 companies, the US Department of Defense, and other public sector organizations with the most innovative technology solutions, but also establishing strategic initiatives to offer additional services and products in new market segments.


“Geek Interpreter Guy,” his unofficial title and superhero name, is a reflection of Dave’s passion for making complex issues more understandable through clear storytelling in multiple mediums. His focus this year is helping organizations move from seeing change as a risk to be managed, to using change as an opportunity to thrive.
Dave’s writing on emerging technology has been featured in multiple publications, including Wired Magazine’s Innovation Insights. He has presented keynotes at major conferences including The Association of Change Management Professionals Global Conference and the Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education Conference.


Jim joined Asynchrony as Chief Operating Officer in the summer of 2014. Jim is providing operational leadership in the areas of finance, accounting, recruiting, human resources, legal and compliance matters, along with other general operating responsibilities. Prior to joining Asynchrony, Jim had been the chief financial officer of Gateway EDI since 2007 and prior to that he was the senior vice president and chief financial officer of Tripos, Inc.
Earlier in his career, Jim served in various financial and strategic roles in both large and smaller entrepreneurial organizations and in a variety of industries, including Monsanto Company in St. Louis and Coopers & Lybrand in Chicago. Jim earned a bachelor’s degree in finance from Indiana University and an MBA from Northwestern University.


Doug Yokoyama has 30 years of experience as a strategic IT thought leader with a track record for turning ideas into outcomes. Many of those years were spent in the Silicon Valley establishing and leading innovative teams and startup organizations. His success is largely due to his ability to establish meaningful partnerships with technology-based solution providers.
Doug’s current position as Vice President of Business Development at WWT Asynchrony Labs allows him to provide thought leadership and vision for their expanding global sales and business development organization. His deep understanding of new and emerging technologies and enterprise and consumer software contribute to the success of the company’s mission to deliver superior outcomes and solutions for their clients.