Asynchrony Agile Assessment

Asynchrony’s five-day Agile Assessment provides an organization with a benchmark of the Agile practices of its software development teams and the adoption of the Agile ethos within the organization as a whole. The review uses personal interviews, observations of team practices and objective measures to obtain a holistic view of an organization or team’s development processes.

Our assessment is based on the foundational and industry guiding Agile Manifesto. We review and provide initial metrics of team and organizational processes in light of the Manifesto’s 12 principles, and engage in a “roadmapping” activity to target areas and processes to improve Agile practices.

The resulting report provides targeted recommendations for improving development practices to achieve specific business impacts. Along with the roadmapping activity, key stakeholders can identify clear next steps to help the organization take full advantage of Agile practices and processes. Our recommendations may include tools and training and/or services, such as delivery, coaching or consulting, in addition to changes in organizational structure and investment.

sampleMetricsSample metrics captured from an organizational agile review.


Organizational Assessment

The Organizational Assessment provides a cost-effective way for business leaders to understand how to enable best Agile software development practices across their organization. Asynchrony consultants travel to the organization and work with executives, managers, product owners, and other organizational leaders to obtain a holistic view of the organization’s practices and ability to empower their teams to follow Agile software development practices. Areas of investigation include organizational structure, Agile leadership practices, and service delivery design. At the end of the process, our consultants facilitate an interactive discussion and roadmapping session with organizational leaders to identify actionable steps to improve and enable Agile practices on an organizational-level.


Team Assessment

The Team Assessment focuses specifically on the Agile practices of an organization’s software development teams. Asynchrony consultants work with the software development teams to assess and benchmark their Agile maturity according to each of the 12 principles of the Agile Manifesto. Our constants observe the current practices of the team, and interview team members, executive sponsors, and other stakeholders in order to better understand the teams and their process. The teams’ stories, tests, metrics, and other artifacts are brought into consideration to provide clear examples of the effectiveness of their development practices. The roadmapping session with the teams at the end of the process focuses on actionable steps to improve Agile software development practices and delivery for their customers.